Student Life Vs. Married Life

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” —Gandhi

Life as a college student looking back in time was easy compared to married life. Because, when you are studying you only doing it to become a better person or because your parents made you do it or you want to be able to have a lot of thing in life; so you better have good grades, do internships, work while studying and have a social life. Now that I’m a college graduate, I have to keep studying, I have a toddle to take care and a husband to take care as he was a child and very little to minimum social life…

Social life as a married women in 2018 its standard are very low, I can’t even drink like I used to, first of all I still breastfeed my toddler, he doesn’t want to leave his boobies… So this have been for two-year and two months… So think about that accomplishment, its amazing how long I been able to do this and he seems he doesn’t want to stop, and I wanna cry… So social life is none to minimum… And when we get the chance to go out we become wild married people, I mean we drink a lot, a lookout of beers, cocktails, junk food, maybe sometimes shots… So my husband the next day when we go out he is fine, he doesn’t have a headache , nothing…. But me, i have everything from headache to trow up, but I don’t like doing that never been a fan, so I’m stuck with a bellyache, so I can’t even eat for ten hours, its bad. And I always say to my husband im going to stick with wine and vodka cocktails, beer make me a crazy person the next day. In college I could drink a lot of beer with cocktails and do shots, and wake up the next morning at six am , take a cold shower, eat a sandwich and go to my biology class lab at seven am sharp in campus and go to all my classes and be fine… But now, my body don’t tolerate a lot amounts of alcohol, I used to party a lot and drink like a normal college student. How life changes, its amazing that back then I didn’t like wine, and now I love red wine, white wine I hate it…

And married life with the man you meet while you were in college is great, everything is even better now than back then. You now living in different country because we used to study at two different university, but still make time to make it work and in the weekend and holidays still spend every minute together was awesome. He was and still is my everything in the whole universe. Married life is awesome, sometimes is difficult, but we make it work and that’s what matters. And married life with a toddler is chaos, but a love caos adventures, a lot os tantrums, happy faces, sad faces, a lot of compromise in my part. Because I don’t work, It’s not that I dont want to, it’s because we want whats best for our  M, and his relationship with his boobies…  But now that’s going to change, if I played every card right… But thats something for another blog…


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Hi, I’m Lizzie. I recently started this mommy adventure blog to talk about daily life, love life, struggles, pain, work, studies, toddler drama, depression, ups and downs in every aspect of this wonderful life. Sometimes I’m going to blog in English and Spanish!!! I’m from Puerto Rico, is a beautiful tropical island in the Caribbean. I’m married to a wonderful man named X and we have a Beautiful toddler boy named M. We have a Small dog named Apollo and he is so cute, energetic and lovable.

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