Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it. Greg Anderson

This life being a mom to a toddle boy name M, it’s wonderful and it’s a caos at the same time. This young boy is the light of my entire universe, he so smart, brilliant, agile, adventurous, funny, silly, charming, beautiful, capable of doing everything that he puts his mind to.  And he is a toddler in the terrible two’s… So is challenging being able to understand what he is saying, what he wants, his needs, why he do things that can put him in danger and he even didn’t realize it. He is a ticking bomb sometimes, if he doesn’t get what he wants, he start screaming on top of his lunges and that attract bad attention of people who mama shame sometimes, even if they don’t say anything but you can read it in their eyes.

X and I, love him unconditionally to the farthest planet of a galaxy in the entire universe and back to earth.  This little person is the first purest love you will ever feel, this is not first love, or the love you feel for your husband, I mean this is the purest love that you will ever feel in your life. His eyes looking at you and you feel this rush in your bloodstream that its surreal and your heart start pouncing in a  different way that you feel this unique love that you’ll never feel with other people and is unique. That is how you feel when you first see or hear or touch your newborn baby for the first time. Its an amazing journey.

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Hi, I’m Lizzie. I recently started this mommy adventure blog to talk about daily life, love life, struggles, pain, work, studies, toddler drama, depression, ups and downs in every aspect of this wonderful life. Sometimes I’m going to blog in English and Spanish!!! I’m from Puerto Rico, is a beautiful tropical island in the Caribbean. I’m married to a wonderful man named X and we have a Beautiful toddler boy named M. We have a Small dog named Apollo and he is so cute, energetic and lovable.

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